Tools and strategies to help your child thrive through all stages of development

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Want to see your child thriving? Ready to overcome that next hurdle in development?

With all that life throws at us parents, we often don’t know how to guide our children through challenges they face in development. 

Alverson Pediatric Therapy is here to help guide you and your child through their physical, social and emotional struggles by equipping you both with tools and strategies to help them thrive.

Virtual Parent Coaching


Every child has a unique set of needs. I offer virtual coaching for parents who want to intervene at home.

Through my Parent Coaching service, I’ll create a personalized strategy for your child that you can implement to make them more successful at home, on the playground, during social outings, and more.

Ongoing follow-up meetings allow us to track our goals and troubleshoot issues.

In-home Occupational Therapy Nashville

In-Home Occupational Therapy

*For families in Nashville, TN area*

I will meet with your child in your home to complete an initial, in-depth developmental and/or sensory-based assessment.

Once we understand where they are succeeding and what is contributing to their challenges, I’ll come for regular weekly or bi-weekly follow-up visits as needed to work with your child directly and help them achieve the developmental goals we set.

Developmental Milestone Check

In-Home Developmental Milestones Check

*For families in Nashville, TN area*

Want to check-in and make sure your child is developmentally on track?   This is the option for you.

We’ll ensure they are meeting developmental milestones and you will receive practical activities for their current and future developmental stages to keep them on track.


Hi I'm Amber Alverson, Pediatric Occupational Therapist

You don’t need a background in childhood development or neuroscience to help your child thrive. 

I guide parents just like you to understand your child’s unique challenges and support them with tools and strategies that will help them succeed physically, socially and emotionally in their current environment.

You’re in the right place if…

That’s exactly why I created the
Developmental Milestones Checklist.

To guide you through your child’s development from infancy to becoming a thriving, independent adult… without having to guess at what they should or should not be able to do on their own.

If you are ready to get practical guidance to make a difference in your child’s life, learn more about my services here.

We will team together to help them overcome their current struggles. We can build a foundation so they can continue to grow into an independent child, then a thriving teenager, and eventually, into a successful adult.