What to do when your child is overstimulated

What to do When your Child is Overstimulated

Your child all of a sudden can’t be reasoned with, their actions and behaviors are not controllable. As a parent, you feel helpless. I have one simple strategy that will help in that high-stress moment. 

Sensory processing is a complex subject. Children are unique in the way they receive and process sensory information. It is normal for their response to vary. As adults, we have mature nervous systems, so of course, we will be taken off guard when they have challenges.

When a child is overstimulated by lights, sounds, an unpleasant texture, or any other adverse sensory input; they go into fight or flight response. When fight or flight is activated, it is not something they can control. Watching a child go through this, a parent can feel frustrated and helpless at the same time.

What is one thing that can help in the moment?? Simply giving a HUG! Not a light pressure patting their back, but a deep hug that their soul can feel. That will signal to their nervous system that they are SAFE!

Deep pressure is calming to the nervous system vs light touch is alerting. If you want to wake a child up in the morning, gently stroke their back; if you want to calm them from a meltdown, give them a bear hug.

If your child is overstimulated… try simply giving them a HUG!

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